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Hand Clamp Sealer
FKR Portable Heat Sealer


FKR-200 Heat Sealer is a hand clamp type impulse heat sealer for 200mm sealing lenght.
consists of heating pipe, AI pad, adjusting knob, heating block, active indicator, heating indicator, anti-creeping handle, anti-creeping adaoter.

Portable Heat Sealer
Portable Heat Sealer

Hand clamp-sealing machine adopts Japanese technology, the use of heating wire made of special materials, maintains the upper and lower heat, and can seal a variety of thick composite film, aluminum, heat sealing metal.

The above picture is only for reference as different product batch & specs.Pls contact our sales staff for confirm.


The KFR heat sealer design is light weight, simple operation, good sealing effect.

KFR heat sealer is easy to operate, adjustable heating time, seal various plastic films.

This kind of hand clamp sealing machine is mainly used for large packaging that is not easy to move and heavy plastic bags sealing.

Portable Heat Sealer Portable Heat Sealer Portable Heat Sealer


Model FKR-200 FKR-300 FKR-400
Voltage V/HZ (AC) 110-220/50-60
Power KW 0.35 0.5 0.75
Sealing Length mm 200 300 400
Sealing Width mm 10 10 10
Preheating Time second 1-3 1-3 1-3
Sealing Temperature °C 0-250 0-250 0-250

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